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Ronnie With Fans

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Kygirl (Sheila) with Ronnie and Homer in '81.
Janet with Ronnie in Roanoke, VA in '93
Janet with Ronnie in Myrtle Beach in '96
kim_ronnie_copy.jpg (34678 bytes) Kathy-Ronnie_copy.jpg (35138 bytes) Dimple_Ronnie_copy.jpg (74810 bytes)
Kim and Ronnie taken at Bowling Green, KY
Kathy with Ronnie in Tulsa in Oct. 2000
Dimple Bellamy with Ronnie
Ronnie-Jo-Jbug_copy.jpg (68960 bytes) JBug-Ronnie021001_copy.jpg (38265 bytes) Jo-Ronnie021001_copy.jpg (33292 bytes)
Jo and JBug with Ronnie in Melbourne in Dec '00
JBug with Ronnie in Sebring, FL. February 2001
Jo with Ronnie in Sebring, FL. February 2001
julieronsd82copy.jpg (36848 bytes) Julieronsd91copy.jpg (56370 bytes) julieronsd94copy.jpg (60603 bytes)
Julie (Chrystal) and family with Ronnie in South Dakota '82
Julie (Chrystal) with Ronnie in South Dakota '91
Julie (Chrystal)with Ronnie in South Dakota '94
Do you want to showcase your meeting with Ronnie?? Email Me your concert pictures and I will post them. I need name or log-in name, Date and Place of show.
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