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Ronnie and Fans - pg 2

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Julie (Chrystal) with Ronnie in Iowa '99
Jo and Family with Ronnie. Alabama '01
Sue, Gene and Ronnie - taken at the '79 Fan Club Party in Nashville.
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Jerry and Ronnie Nashville, In 2001

Linda (Milfan) and Ronnie Nashville, IN 2001 Sheila and Ronnie Nashville, IN 2001
ethelronnie94copy.jpg (29383 bytes) Jerry_Julia_Ronnie.jpg (32372 bytes) margieronnie1.jpg (155022 bytes)
Ethel and Ronnie in '94 Julia, Ronnie and Jerry in '01 Ronnie and Margie in Bossier City in 2001
rmdimpleb9_01.jpg (26898 bytes) kathytimronnie1.jpg (109662 bytes) familyvaldosta.jpg (53998 bytes)
Dimple and Ronnie in '01 Kathy, Ronnie and Tim in '01 Jo and family with Ronnie in '01

Do you want to showcase your meeting with Ronnie?? Email Me your concert pictures and I will post them. I need name or log-in name, Date and Place of show.
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