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This page is to share the photos of the Cyber Fans when they meet each other.  Whether it is at a Ronnie show or somewhere else, it is fun to meet people in person that you first met online.  As more and more fans continue to find Ronnie's website and the fan forum, more and more people are meeting in person.

The photo on the top left was the very first meeting of a group of Cyber Fans.  It was in Nashville, IN in June of 2001.  Since then, quite a few people have met at various shows.  If you have any photos to share, let me know.

Indiana Fun.jpg (128084 bytes) Bossier City Fun.jpg (195416 bytes)
Text on the plaque is:


Your Milsap Cyber Fans want to thank you for all the years of great family entertainment you have given us.  We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to meet online in your fan forum and become "Cyberfriends".  We have thoroughly enjoyed this past year and look forward to many more.

       We love you Ronnie!!

This Plaque was purchased by several of the Cyber Fans to be given to Ronnie in Indiana.  It had text as well as braille.

Cyberfans.jpg (34772 bytes)

The group from Springfield Ohio.  Dimple, Jerry, Julia, Sheila, Sharon, Steven, Kim, Davey (?) and Sharon's daughter.

sscyberfans.jpg (104389 bytes)

Pat, Denise, Maryann, Jo and Barbara

Silver Springs, FL 4/02

jo_barb_kim2.jpg (178861 bytes)

Jo, Barb and Kim from Georgia

Hiawassee, GA 2002

jo_yuki_yogi2.jpg (141439 bytes)

Jo, Yuki and Yogi

Hiawassee, GA 2002


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