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Ronnie dressed in purple
Come Meet the Milsap Cyber Fans!

This site is dedicated to the group of people that have met through Ronnie Milsap’s Fan Forum. It is a place to share our photos and stories of Ronnie. Our common link is Ronnie, but we have built lasting friendships over the last few months. Wander through the site and enjoy.

Ronnie Milsap – Our Common Link

Ronnie Milsap is a dynamic singer with a personality to match. He has racked up a mind boggling 40 #1 hits over the years, and in 2000 he released a 2 cd set that has all 40 #1’s plus two new singles. He has built his career while maintaining his integrity and principles. He and his wife Joyce will celebrate 36 years together in October. Ronnie continues to travel around the country with son Todd as his road manager, giving his many fans a taste of why he is truly one of today's Living Legends.

For a more comprehensive biography, discography, tour schedule, etc. please visit Ronnie’s website.


Last update:  7/15/01.  Added more photos to several pages, added a fan story and updated some info.  The first Cyber Fan Meeting took place in Nashville, IN on June 30.  There is an additional photo page added with a few pictures from that gathering.  Minor updates on several other pages.


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