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Sheila's Stories

Sheila's memories of meeting Homer - When we came from the motel, we were told that Homer and some friends had come from NC to see Ronnie in concert. Walking to the door, Ronnie and Homer were at the bus and Ronnie introduced us. He was the sweetest and nicest man one would want to meet. I don't think Homer ever knew a stranger. He told us about when Ronnie was a kid, he used to take him for walks and about Ronnie "sitting under the porch beating pans and singing." Wondering if Ronnie was getting embarrassed, I looked at him only to see him smiling. Homer didn't mind having his picture taken either!

Sheila's memories of traveling with the buses - I was going to a show in Michigan and wasn't that far from the destination when to my right I noticed the familiar bus. I stopped and asked what was going on. No surprised faces here. I was someone they knew! They just about had the bus fixed; the girls said that they were hungry, I looked at my watch knowing that we had plenty of time, so I asked them if they wanted to go and find a place to eat. I followed the bus to the place where the show would be and they stopped to check in. Someone came off the bus and over to the car, I rolled down the window and a pass was placed on the dash. We drove on in past a gate. Soon after, the girls and I went to find a place for them to eat. After the show, we were headed back to the interstate. Ronnie asked me "Sheila, are you going back to Kentucky with us?" I told him No, that I was on vacation, and that my Grandmother and I were staying all week. He said "Ok, then be careful." I said "Thanks Ronnie." I just got the idea of going to more shows and with them!

Sheila's jogging fun - I'd heard about this show for months over the winter and couldn't wait to see spring. After the show, Ronnie and I discussed running again, and he said he would be ready in five minutes. When he came out, he asked "Are you ready Sheila?" "Yea, Ronnie lets go for it." He, Phil, and I ran down the road beside the motel. He said "Sheila, come over here. Here comes a car." I said "Huh?" I heard nothing and turned around to see nothing, then I saw lights. Man! Talk about the man's hearing!

Dude gets some friendly harassment from bandleader Jamie (more memories from Sheila) - This was in 1992. Darrell, Steven(Dude), and I went to see Ronnie in Nashville, IN. Steven was about 8 at the time. This was the hottest summer reported. Jamie (band leader) had a broken arm. Not knowing him that well, I soon found out how much of a joker he really is. I asked "Jamie how did you break your arm?" Steven was standing beside me and Jamie said "He did it!" and pointed to Steven. He teased Steven and was telling people that this kid had broken his arm. Steven felt comfortable after that. And I knew that Jamie would fit right in! Steven and I were discussing the lyrics to one of the songs on BACK TO THE GRINDSTONE. I asked Billy Coren who was correct because the winner would get an ice cream. He didn't say anything. He just pulled Steven in the door and bought him an ice cream. A friend for life!

Sue's Memories of a Fan Club Party

The photo on the photos with Ronnie Page was taken on Thursday June 7, 1979 at the Fan Club Gathering which was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Nashville, TN during the week of Fain Fair. (During the late 70's & early 80"s it was an annual event that Ronnie held for his fan club members & we had attended (I think) every one that he had.) At this one (as at most of them) a piano was set-up & Ronnie gave his fans a mini concert while everyone sat at tables and enjoyed a really nice meal. After Ronnie finished singing,  he went around to each table & spent a few minutes talking to each person, signing autographs & posing for a photo with them. We always had a FAN-TASTIC time and looked forward to the annual event! I really miss it & wish that we could start doing something like that again. Ronnie seemed to enjoy it as much as all the fans did!

Jo's Story

From December of 1999 through the end of 2000, I was able to go to Five concerts.  Six if you count the double show I did in February.  Each time was nothing less than terrific.  In December 1999,  I met Ronnie for the first time.  I have been a fan since I was in grade school, so that was a special dream come true for me.  My name had been put on the meet and greet list from a visit that Ronnie had made to his chat room.  My daughter and I took along some munchies for the band.  We handed them to Ricky and then spent some time talking with him and getting to know him.  He was terrific, making sure that we knew where to be to assure that we would meet Ronnie.  I told him of our plans to make a show in February and he said to let him know when we got there. 

February came and we drove off to spend the day at the fair and see the show.  We found Ricky and he invited us back to watch them set up and get ready for the show.  We briefly met Todd and several of the band and crew, but mostly spent time talking with Ricky and watching all the activity.  It was a great day and we stayed for both shows.  We met Joyce and got to say hello to her, and she is a very nice lady.  We had some decent seats for the concert and was able to get some good photos.  I made some noise when Ronnie mentioned his fan forum and the Cyber Fans (although this was before we were named) and he went on to say that everyone should check it out.  While they were in there they could talk with Jo and JBug - Wow!  We were both grinning from ear to ear for awhile after that one.

At the end of April, our whole family climbed in the car for the 5 hr. drive to Alabama.  We had a great day at the local river festival and again spent the day watching the activity related to setting up for a show.  This time I got to meet one of the Cyber Fans and that was very cool.  We talked and got to know each other a little better.  This time I also got to talk more with Todd and that was great.  Ricky wasn't traveling with them for this show, but I met Victoria (Todd's step daughter) along with Marty and Kerry from the sound crew.  It was a pleasure talking with them.  I also spent a little time talking with Rhonda.  She is very nice, and has a phenomenal voice.   They had a meet and greet at this show as well, so we were able to again say hello to Ronnie.  Our smallest daughter is in love, and can't stop talking about how neat Ronnie Milsap is.  He has a huge grin in our photo because she was chattering away non stop to him.  

 Our other shows for the year were just as special.  We were able to meet with Ronnie each time, and spent a lot of time in Valdosta talking with different band members and the crew.  Ronnie and his entire crew are a first class act all the way!  I'm very proud to call myself a fan of his.  Our family looks forward to attending as many shows as we are able to do.

A Fun Story:  The Day I Met Ronnie Milsap